Fusing Contemporary Concepts in Every Original Masterpiece

Bronwyn M Towle is an intuitive artist who paints contemporary, abstract figures using saturated colors. She has more than 50 years of experience in creating truly spectacular works of art, applying an unmatched level of mastery in her craft.

Bronwyn’s Background

The artist was born and raised in Hawaii. To pursue formal training and education in the arts, she left home and moved to Southern California.

Education and Early Career

Bronwyn studied at the prestigious Chouinard Art Institute, where she further developed her art skills and techniques. Upon completing her education, she simultaneously pursued a thriving career as a professional artist and art educator.

Bronwyn M Towle

Signature Art Style

The subject matter for Bronwyn’s work primarily focuses on the beauty of the human form and its ability to convey emotion. Her keen interest in primitive and ethnic art also constantly inspires her to create pieces with vibrant colors and active brushwork.

Bronwyn M Towle

Art Exhibitions

Exhibitions include the Florence Biennale and Costello Estense, Ferrara Italy, along with shows in Canada, Florida, New York, Texas, and Southern California.

Ask the Artist

See more contemporary artworks that showcase abstract figures using saturated colors. For more details on Bronwyn and her exquisite art pieces, reach out to her today.