Bronwyn Towle

Liberated Dreams Catalog - Ferrara Exhibition

A jigsaw that is formed from the unconscious, where the act of painting is the spontaneous and direct expression of interiority. This is how the American artist Bronwyn Towle works: giving free rein to her imagination, she reveals deep emotions and feelings, often with surprising results. Her painting is imaginative, fairyland-like; she transfers her inner world into the harmony of forms and colour, creating space for dreams, reflections of feeling that are like theatre. Her works suggest theatrical scenes: the artist is so skilled at approaching and placing colours on the support, allowing them to take shape. Components that are complementary to art, Bronwyn Towle’s strokes of colour are narratives as well as images. In her painting, which is striking for the exuberance of its colours, the artist borders on a kind of post-Cubism, although, as can be seen in some works, the lines are also pleasantly softer sometimes. An established career, teaching and important exhibitions to her name, Towle is also very skilful at drawing and, in particular, portraiture. Eclecticism is in fact another feature of the artist: in her paintings on canvas, so full of colour in multiple ranges and using strokes that identify different worlds, together with a delight in sketching that leads her to portray with great intensity faces, especially those of women, that are all the more expressive. Elegance, imagination, sensitivity and, last but not least, skill: Bronwyn Towle has all the elements that make an artist communicative and compelling. Her works, which can take viewers to places other than everyday locations (see "Royal engagement" or "Listening to father") show that stories do not necessarily consist of words.

In the densely populated worlds that are the pictures of Bronwyn Towle, colour is the guide: its textures form figures and break up spaces, in a sort of animism of brush strokes that is diffused throughout the canvas.

Michela Turra, Bologna